Tyres & Wheels Bideford

Monkleigh Garage are the number one garage for tyres and wheel services in Bideford. We supply and install a wide range of tyres on all kinds of vehicles at competitive prices and we can look after your wheels with professional wheel alignment and balancing. To book your vehicle in or to make an enquiry, call us now on 01805 623157.

Tyre Fitting

For tyre fitting in Bideford at low prices, visit Monkleigh garage, we stock and supply a wide range of tyres from both economy and premium tyre manufacturers. We can replace tyres on cars, motorcycles, quads, LGVs, horse boxes, livestock carriers and more. Furthermore, because we always hold a large selection of stock, we can normally offer same day or drive in services.

close up of the top of a tyre

Wheel Alignment

Our specialist technicians offer wheel alignment services, including 4-wheel alignment to ensure a straight and smooth ride. Your wheels can become misaligned due to many factors such as driving through a pot hole or hitting a curb. Our wheel alignment services will realign your wheels which will make for a more comfortable drive, can increase fuel efficiency, and will mean that your tyres will wear more evenly, meaning they won’t need replacing so often.

Signs You Need Wheel Alignment

You will notice the following symptoms if your wheels are misaligned:

  • Your steering wheel will not align to the centre even when the vehicle’s wheels are straight
  • Steering wheel may vibrate more than usual and could also appear looser
  • Increased vibrations when driving
  • Feeling the vehicle is pulling to the left or right
  • Squeaky tyres
  • Noticeable uneven tyre wear

Wheel Balancing

Wheels can become unbalanced over time. Our wheel balancing services will restore the balance of your wheels. Properly balanced wheels will result in less vibrations and will also help your tyres to wear more evenly.

Contact Monkleigh Garage

For more information about our tyre and wheel services in Bideford, please contact the experts here at Monkleigh Garage. We can book your vehicle in at a time and date to suit your schedule. Call us on 01805 623157 to book your vehicle in.